Delivery of product

Telescope access
Access to the telescope system is granted via Booking of Sessions at WWW.CHILESCOPE.COM
Telescope availability

Availability is subject to weather conditions, scheduled and unscheduled system maintenance, and reservations. Telescopes are offered on a first come first served basis. CHILESCOPE makes every effort make telescope systems available however from time to time we may have to take telescope systems down for servicing. CHILESCOPE can not guarantee our service will be 100% available and fault free, due to the technical nature of the remote operation. Progress updates are normally posted on the WEB site and Facebook at

Telescopes can be reserved at any time but not later than 3 hours before the intended start time. If a reservation exists, the current members session will be terminated. Also the system automatically checks if the session is within the dark time of the night and if your balance covers the duration of the session you plan.The Altitude of observing object is also checked for all session duration.
Execute a Session
There are 2 types of sessions:

Planetary session

This type of session may be booked on 1 meter RC telescope only (Telescope 1) This session is not automated and is executed with the help of CHILESCOPE operator. The booking system schedules only time for Planetary session (not Plans).
The algorithm of Planetary session is as follows:
The operator will prepare observatory for planned session.
- ventilate the dome during 3-4 hours before session
- ventilate the mirror of 1m RC telescope
- switch the power of all equipment
- open the dome
- synchronize the dome with telescope
- slew to the object, centre in FOV
- focus approximately
- Customer login to the observatory PC and is ready to operate with planetary camera, filter wheel and focuser
- After the session we will transfer data to our processing PC. Usually it takes about 4 hours from the end of session. You should be informed regarding log/pass of processing PC. We kindly ask you to finish with processing within 24 hours.
Minimum session time is 1 hour.

Deep Sky session

Deep Sky sessions are fully automated and do not need any operator assistance. Execute a Session is part of the booking and scheduling system, it allows you to schedule a plan in advanced to be executed at your nominated date and time. Our system will then start the plan on your behalf.
Calibration Frames
All image data coming off the network is offered in a uncalibrated and pre-calibrated format. If you wish to use uncalibrated data you can download bias, darks and flat frames from our library located on the FTP server.
Image File Format
All monochromatic CCD images are offered in a 16bit FITS format.
Image Processing
Imaging processing and associated software is the responsibility of the member. The results of Planetary sessions are executed by the customer at CHILESCOPE remote PC to minimize traffic. All nessesary software to process Planetary data is installed in this PC. The acsess to this PC will be granted via e- mail in 3-4 hours after Planetary session end. The customer has 24 hours to finish processing on remote PC. After that customer transfer stucked data to his/here PC and continue post- processing. The results of Deep Sky sessions are downloaded by customer to his/here PC for processing.

If you have any question regarding our policies, please contact us