Chilescope points

The currency used on CHILESCOPE is points, one point typical is $1 USD. Points are consumed based on the amount of imaging time you use on a telescope, each telescope has the points per imaging hour rate, which is displayed in real time when you login to the Scheduling System



Telescope points
Telescope 1 200
Telescope 2 60
Telescope 3 60

We value our customers and offer a compulsory set of discounts. Currently two types of discounts are applied. All discounts are applied automatically by the system


Cumulative Discount

You get more points paying the same amount of money as your total payment sum rises

Payment Sum ($USD) Discount (%)
0 - 500 0
501 - 2000 5
2001 - 4000 10
4001 - 6000 15
6001 and more 20

Moonphase Refund

As Moon reflecting light may affect images, we offer a discount when the Moon is most shiny

moonPhase Discount (%)
Newmoon phase 0
Waxing crescent moon phase 35
First quarter phase 50
Waxing gibbous moon phase 50
Fullmoon phase 75
Waning gibbous phase 50
Last quarter phase 50
Waning crescent phase 35

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