Observatory consists of 4 domes: three 4 meter domes with 50cm fast Newton astrographs and one 5,5 meter dome with 1 meter Ritchey Chretien telescope. There are three 6X2,5 meter metal containers on the territory of observatory.
  • Living container with living air conditioned room and bathroom
  • Workshop container with tools and equipment for observatory technical services
  • Electric power container with electric batteries, electrical generator and electrical controllers for solar panels.
  • There is metal fence going by perimeter of observatory with gates and two IP cameras to monitor the territory.
  • Solar panels section containing 70 efficient solar panels


Because we are far away from nearest civilization we decided to run completely autonomous power system based on solar energy. Hybrid (solar and diesel) power supply system of observatory must work 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. Parameters of system chose from condition of minimal use of diesel generator and minimal price of system. Diesel must work only when there is no sun more than 1 day or total disruption of solar power supply system. At normal operation observatory consume electricity from PV-panels at day or from batteries at night. Batteries charge at day time.Observatory approximately consumes 39 kWh electricity per day; auxiliary equipment of containers (for example air coolers) consumes less than 24 kWh at day time when hot weather period. Therefore maximal consummation not more than 63 kWh at summer time (December) and not more than 40 kWh in winter time (Yuly), because there is no need of air cooling. Night consumption is assented about 30 kWh per day and it is not depended from season. Equipment demands electricity with voltage — 230V and frequency — 50 Hz. Full calculated load of observatory is 5,1 kW, maximal power (start of engines) cold be equal 10 kVA.


The internet connection is based on radio relay channel and has speed up to 30Mbt/sec. The nearest radio relay station is in direct vision (about 5km far) so it was not a big deal.


All 4 towers for domes are all metal constructions (metal skeleton covered by metal sheets). We choose this design because of low thermo inertia of whole construction. All towers are electrically ventilated using powerful fans in order to achieve minimum temperature gradient before and during observing sessions. 4 meter dome tower is 2 level building and 5,5 dome tower is 3 level building. All electronic and electrical components are located in the lower level. The upper telescope level is thermo insulated in order not to affect seeing by heat floating.


All four domes were manufactured and installed by ScopeDome , Poland. The domes exactly fit the geometry of the telescopes just «from the box» exept 5,5 meter dome for 1 meter telescope. During 3D modeling we explored that there is vignette in zenith position of telescope. Scope Dome developed custom shelter to increase the observatory open aperture in zenith so there is no vignette now.


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