Welcome to the CHILESCOPE Helpdesk system! Back

July 2, 2020

Dear customer!

Welcome to the CHILESCOPE Helpdesk system!

This system was implemented to provide both you and our administrator with more efficient communication tool to resolve all possible problems and also to have permanent feedback from our users

There are 3 types of requests (tickets) in the system

-        Request for points refund

-        Technical Question

-        Proposal for Service improvement

In order to send the Request for points refund to the CHILESCOPE Helpdesk system you need to fill the ticket and provide the following information:

-        Session ID

-        Session date

-        Number of frames to refund

-        Number of points to refund

-        Reason of refund

-        You can attach files to the ticket

-        You can add comments in the ticket

-        You will receive e-mail notifications when administrator changes the ticket status

When you finish with ticket the system automatically makes some logical checks (is this session ID exist, is this really your session, is the points amount refund requested within the total sum of points in session and so on)

The ticket status changes to “OPEN” when you send it

Administrator then checks the ticket and makes refund if all is ok. The ticket status changes to “CLOSE”

If for some reasons you need to continue working with the ticket you can do that and the status will change to “OPEN” again

You can track the tickets history in the “Members Area” section

Hope this system will significantly improve the quality of our services and make reaction time faster!