New telescope comes online in Northern Hemisphere!

MARCH 09 2022
We are connecting new setup in Northern Hemisphere to our network!
It will be online in 2-3 days. The price will be 30 USD per hour. All discounts applicable.
200+ clear nigts per year. Altitude 2380m.
Telescope: SR130APO Pro
Camera: ATIK One6.0
Filter: Astrodon LRGB CS SHO 3nm Chrome HeII 4nm
Focuser: Moonlite
Focal Length: 910mm
Focal Ratio: f/7
Pixels: 4.54
Image Scale: 1.01”
FOV 130APO: 47.04' x 37.63'
Mount:  EQ6-R
Location: Kunming Yunling Observatory China
Latitude: 25° 37' 27" N
Longitude: 101° 08' 02" E
Altitude: 2380m