NEW Astrophoto Processing Competition!

JANUARY 20 2022
Our customers have recently reminded me that we had no processing competition for long time. Agreed it’s a shame! So here we are..
Dear Astrophotographers!
CHILESCOPE team invites you to participate in our Astrophotography Processing Competition.
This time it would be the “light” one 🙂
You will have the final fully calibrated LRGB sums so you can focus on post-processing strongly!
The terms are as follows:
CHILESCOPE provides LRGB calibrated sums in XISF and FITS formats
The object - Chamaeleon molecular cloud (see preview processed by our team member Stas Volskiy)
Total exposure was 18 hours in LRGB on 500/3.8 reflector.
Only advanced qualified works will be accepted (intermediate and advanced level)
At least ten participants should send their works to start the competition
One participant can send one work only! Guys, kindly ask you not to REsend new works, hope for understanding
All processed works should be sent in JPEG format to
with topic: “APC”. Please do not forget to mention your full name in the email.
All qualified processed works will be published in the gallery on our web site with notification about person who has processed
The jury – CHILESCOPE team
There will be only one winner (the winner takes it all)
The prize- 1000 observing points on 1mRC telescope
The prize points should be spent by winner on imaging with 1mRC (Telescope1 on the web portal) and for one object he/she chooses
Competition starts today!
The collection of works finishes on 10.02.2022 at 03-00PM UTC
The winner will be announced on our Facebook page
and on the home page on our web site
at 15.02.2022 no later than 03-00PM UTC
The winner then registers on our Member Area page(if not registered yet)
The prize points will be transferred to his account immediately
The link to download the files :   FITS
Good luck in processing!