Refund policy

At any time during that term you feel that service offered is not as described, CHILESCOPE will refund the full purchase price or/and observing points of your last subscription transaction.
- Typically money refund claims are processed within 24 hours and take 48-72 hours for the funds to be returned to your account.
- Typically points refunds are made next day after refund request
- Your balance and transaction history can be monitored at:
- Special projects outside the scope of subscriptions and points transactions will have their own special terms and conditions at time of sale.
We give the refund for:
- Stars out of focus
- Bad tracking/guiding (elongated stars)
- Very bad seeing (FWHM more than 3”
- Wrong positioning (error more than 5 arc min)
- Uncompleted images
- Images affected by clouds
- Other cases caused by hardware or software errors
We do not refund:
- Gradients on images caused by Moon light
- Wrong positioning (if the customer made a mistake during coordinates inputting)

-Images with sattelites tracks

- Missed observation (if the customer created the session but forgot to create/save the observing plan)
To get refund please use our helpdesk sysyem HELPDESK  Use the fefund request function.

If you have any question regarding our policies, please contact us